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Digital Ownership

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Own Digital Art or an NFT?

Showcase your prized art with a custom rug

Create your own Rug or Wall Rug and explore the world of digital ownership.

Follow a few simple steps and bridge the gap between physical and digital ownership, showcasing your digital art on a bespoke rug made with the best quality material in the market. Enjoy an instant discount as the asset holder, and the unique option to display a QR code on your rug, directly linking back to Opensea & other NFT marketplaces.

Launching your own NFT collection and want to offer your holders a special utility perk?

Submit a Design for a special quote on multiple NTS in your collection which we can ship to holders of your collection

Create your own rug


Upload Digital Art


Receive a Rug mockup
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how it will look once created


Confirm order and recieve
a 5% discount as the
Digital Asset Owner


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