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We’ve partnered with a range of talented designers worldwide, giving them a platform to showcase & benefit from their art, whilst allowing us to offer some of the most unique designs available on rugs.

We welcome designers who specialise in a variety of niches, so you’ll definitely find a design which sparks your interest.

From well-known designers to upcoming talent, we work closely with our artists to express their vision onto handmade rugs, using the highest quality wool available.

Fractal Kunst

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Mike Gordon

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Ayano Murayama

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Earn passive income and join our community of designers by submitting a design to our team.

If approved, we will make a mockup of our rugs with your personalised design, and list it on our website.
You will receive a commission of up to 3% each time someone purchases a rug with your design.
We manage the full end-to-end production and distribution of the rugs.
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